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Andrew Butler Stamps of Great Britain is a collectables store located in the area, and our aim is to provide our clients with superb collectables which are aesthetically appealing and may be hard to find in such quality elsewhere. You can be sure of satisfaction when you get a chance to see the range of items we have on offer as well as our helpful, knowledgable staff. We’re confident when we say that you’re not just purchasing a collectable from us, you’re making an investment in something you will always appreciate. Feel free to visit us at our store or contact us through our booking form for inquiries.

High-quality Products

Our products are sourced from renowned dealers and companies from all over the world. We offer both single items or complete sets and collections based on special requests or custom order. Everything we offer is of top-quality, to make sure you get an excellent product at an affordable price. We don't want to just provide you with stamps, whether for your own collection or gift – we want to make you feel at ease and enjoy the purchasing experience.

Andrew Butler Stamps of Great Britain

Andrew Butler has been a collector of British Stamps for almost 50 years. Having always had a passion for the subject as a young boy I decided to collect British Stamps as they were easier to obtain. Having used the "Collect British Stamps Catalogue for many years, It was in 2010 that I realised just how many I was missing when I purchased my first concise catalogue. But then I fell in love with Wildings and this period of British Stamps simply because from a basic 17 images there are literally thousands of varieties detailed in the Pre-Decimal Vol III Specialist Catalogue, which make the subject so fascinating. I want to pass some of my experience onto other collectors by sharing some of my stock of Wilding Specialist Stamps and source materials with you. The Green phosphor Inverted SB86a for example only found in one booklet of which only 39,600 were produced. With 50% of these being inverted. Knowing that they were guillotined, finding a pane with good perforations on all sides makes this pane one of the most sought after amongst collectors.


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